Polycarbonate Non-Metallic Enclosures
Impact Resistent to 900 lbs/Inch
NEMA Qualified 4x to 6P
Opaque, Clear & Vinyl Window Covers
Easily Modified Compared to Fiberglass
Size Range from 6" x 6"x 3" to 24" x 24" x 10"
Specials and Customs Available


Manufactures high performance electro-mechanical and inductive components
Products include Miniature Single Pole Sockets, PCB Pins & Interconnects, Connector Pins, RF Connectors, Solder Terminals, Spacers, Inductors and Coils


Naudain Associates Inc.
651 Route 73 North
Suite 307, Pavilions at Greentree
Marlton, NJ 08053
Phone  (856) 983-5300

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Creative Sales Engineering since 1945


AC Units for Industrial Enclosures

AC Units for Hazardous Locations

Plastic and Metal Filtered Fans

Air to Air Heat Exchangers

UL/CUL Listed

5 Year Warranty

Worldwide Leading specialists in:

Mechanical Pressure Switches

Electronic Pressure Switches

Pressure Transducers/Transmitters

Centrifugal & Electromagnetic - Clutches & Brakes

Military, Utility & Nuclear Qualified

Rotary Switches: 
Detent-Cam-Snap Action
Electrically Operated Rotary Switches  
Load Break Disconnect Switches
Arc Flash Safety Switch


Office: (856) 983-5300


Manufactures Pressure Transmitters and Transducers
Low to High-Pressure products up to 75,000 PSI
Silicon-on-Sapphire technology provides great performance & stability over wide temp range
ATEX/IECE approvals

Standard & Custom

Command Type TFT LCD Modules
Vacuum Fluorescent Displays & Modules
Equivalent LCD Drop-In Displays & Modules
OLED Displays & Modules
Capacitive Touch Screen Products


Military, Medical, & Off Road Highway Vehicles

Human Interface Rotary Switches and Encoders
Custom Keypads and Push Button Switches
Mechanical and Hall-Effect Joysticks
Multi-Touch Human Inteface Devices
Ruggedized Displays and Touchscreens
 Front Panel Design and Development
CAN-bus Keypads & Vehicle Controllers